DarkHelp  v1.5.0-1
C++ API for the neural network framework Darknet
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The official web site for C Code Run's DarkHelp is http://www.ccoderun.ca/.

This documentation is available here:

Source code for DarkHelp is available at https://github.com/stephanecharette/DarkHelp/.

DarkHelp is not Darknet! DarkHelp is a C++ API layer and tools used to call Darknet's original C API.

DarkHelp contains the following:

I recommend AlexeyAB's popular fork of Darknet, available at https://github.com/AlexeyAB/darknet. DarkHelp was specifically written for and tested against AlexeyAB's fork.

The original author of the Darknet neural network framework is Joseph Redmon, but his repo was abandoned many years ago and shouldn't be used. I've removed the link to it, please use AlexeyAB's fork instead.

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