FC++  v0.9.0-9e9b65
FileCatalyst Fast File Transfers - C++ Library
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FileCatalyst C++ Public API:

C++ Name Header File Description
  FCBoost.hpp Information on what parts of Boost are used by the FileCatalyst C++ API.
fc::Control FCControl.hpp Object used to control and communicate with the FTP server.
fc::Exception FCException.hpp C++ exceptions thrown by the FC++ API.
fc::FileDetails FCUtils.hpp Objects returned by fc::Control when obtaining a directory listing.
fc::GlobalStateAndStats FCStateAndStats.hpp A collection of both state information and transfer statistics. This combines both fc::GlobalStats and fc::TransferStats.
fc::GlobalStats FCStateAndStats.hpp A subset of fc::GlobalStateAndStats.
fc::Local FCPath.hpp Wrapper used to identify all local filenames and directories.
fc::Logging FCLogging.hpp Wrapper for the various file logging options in FC++.
fc::Name FCPath.hpp Base class for fc::Local and fc::Remote.
fc::Options FCOptions.hpp A collection of specific parameters and options passed in when fc::Control is first instantiated.
fc::Remote FCPath.hpp Wrapper used to indentify all remote filenames and directories.
fc::SummaryLog FCSummaryLog.hpp Namespace with functions to generate a session summary.
fc::TransferStats FCTransferStats.hpp File transfer statistics.
  FCVersion.hpp Generated by CMake. Contains FileCatalyst version strings. Used by methods such as fc::libfcVersionStr().
  FCWindows.hpp Windows-specific #include file. See Building with the FC++ API.
  FC.hpp An alias for FileCatalyst.hpp.
  FileCatalyst.hpp Central #include file. Including this header will automatically include all other FileCatalyst header files.